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Contact Lens Products

Menicon LacriPure Rinsing & Insertion Saline 98 Vials


LacriPure is a unit-dose non-preserved, 0.9% NaCl (normal saline) solution indicated for rinsing soft, rigid gas permeable and hybrid contact lenses prior to insertion.

Tangible® Clean Multi-Purpose Solution 12oz


Tangible® Clean multi-purpose contact lens solution cleans, rinses, disinfects, stores, and conditions your contact lenses. Tangible® Clean is compatible for use with any contact lens including RGP, scleral, hybrid, and soft.

Tangible® Boost monthly conditioning solution

Tangible Boost

Tangible Boost is a prescription only product that is designed to help restore the Tangible Hydra-PEG coating on custom contact lenses, and maintain its benefits over time. Since Tangible Boost is a prescription (Rx) only product, it cannot be purchased directly online without a valid prescription from your eye care professional.