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Zoria® Lash Intensifying Combo Pack


Utilizes patented polypeptide technology to naturally enhance and support each of the three phases of the eyelash growth cycle for dramatically longer, fuller and darker looking eyelashes.

Zoria® Lash Intensifying Serum – 6mL


Drug-Free Zoria® Lash Intensifying Serum utilizes patented technology to naturally stimulate, strengthen and condition eyelashes creating a dramatically longer, fuller, darker look.

Zoria® Under Eye Dual Treatment

Zoria Under Eye Treatment

Anti-aging combination utilizing breakthrough SCS(Stem Cell Stimulating) and lipopeptide technologies to reverse the look of aging.

ZocuFoam Eyelid Cleanser and Moisturizer


ZocuFoam™ cleanser and moisturizer delivers the soothing and calming action of the patented Zokrex™ platform with activated natural okra complexes along with the deep cleansing power of micellar Zocusomes™. It’s pH balanced for the ocular surface and has been clinically shown to be effective against Demodex.

ZocuWipe Eyelid Cleanser & Moisturizer


Get immediate and long-lasting results with ZocuWipe™. Contains the patented Zokrex platform with activated okra complex.

OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub® Original Pre-Moistened Pads 30ct


Non-Irritating formula effectively removes oil, debris, and pollen from the eyelids. Ideal for daily eyelid hygiene and mild to moderate eyelid conditions.

OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub® Plus Pre-Moistened Pads 30ct

OCuSoft Lid

An extra strength leave on-formula effectively cleanses and removes contaminants for maximum relief. Ideal for moderate to severe eyelid conditions.

OCuSOFT® Baby Eyelid And Eyelash Cleanser 20ct

OCuSoft Baby

Mild, tearless formula that gently removes morning gunk and irritants that may contribute to discomfort associated with blocked tear ducts, pink eye, allergies, and other eyelid related conditions.